Research Proposal, Finance and Accounting CFO presentation

Research Proposal, Finance and Accounting CFO presentation

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The paper purpose is to evaluate the past and future financial performance of the company and choose the most attractive and lucrative investment opportunity for the company. The past financial performance reflects that the company has not been generating more net sales but has been struggling to generate enough sales. In addition, the future expected trend is reflecting that the company will not be to generate enough net sales. At the same time, its ratios are decreasing, demonstrating that the company is not financially vibrant. For this purpose, two investment options (purchase of new production plant or buying a new company) have been highlighted and discussed. The subsequent results reflect that the purchase of the new plant has been offered either through lease agreement or through direct purchase decision. Subsequently, for buying a new company, two investment options have been considered in which the first highlights merger and second requires acquisition. After a careful analysis, it has been concluded and recommended that the new production plant should be chosen rather than merging or acquiring the new company. In addition, the new production plant should be purchased through finance lease agreement. In addition, the company should use NPV has the main method for highlighting the inflows. For managing both internal and external risks, it is highly recommended that the company should use local currency, reduce projected sales, convince reluctant employees and arrange funds through issuing shares.

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