Research Paper on Issue of Vietnam- Single Party System

Research Paper on Issue of Vietnam- Single Party System

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Paper details This paper will be argumentative in nature: you will situate your position in the context of a larger issue or concern, and organize your content within a cohesive framework.Research Log (2 pages): Type this up and submit it as an appendix attached at the end  of the final paper. [This will have to be made up on your own. Act like you interviewed some Vietnamese and some foreigners that had answers/opinions/information supporting or opposing a Single Party System]Final Research Paper (7 pages): Write about the positives and negatives about being a Single Party System in Vietnam vs. people who are against the Single Party System and would rather prefer a Multi  Party system or Democracy. Show two sides to this argument and perhaps and your own opinion about the matter towards the end. No Plagiarism will be accepted. You CANNOT Plagiarize!Works Cited Page: With in-text citations and a bibliography in appropriate APA style.   1) This paper is argumentative in nature, therefore your paper topic must focus on an issue for which there is more than one possible side or stance to take. There must be at least two viable “sides” to the issue. Look for credible groups of people on both sides who disagree. You should be able to talk with people from each side)2) This issue  must be both problematic and significant. Ask around and confirm with research!General Requirements:The following list is a list of requirements that need to be adhered to in order to complete a successful research paper.

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