Research Paper Domestic Violence in United States

Research Paper Domestic Violence in United States

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Locate a recent popular media article on domestic or family violencethat you find of interest. Recent means a edia article within thelast 5 years. Popular media includes an article from your localnewspaper or an articcle from newspapers such as the New York Times,Washington Post or USA Today (to name just a few). Examples ofappropriate magazines include, but are not limited to, Cosmo, US,People, Newsweek, Time or Essence. Online articles can be used as wellas paper copies. Do not use scholarly journal articles or any type of
“guide” that provides information on domestic or family violence.

Step 2

Prior to beginning your paper, review pages 1-2 of Covering Domestic Violence (the media guide) located in Week 5 Content (Under Content on the homepage then Week 5).Make sure that you use some of the points from pages 1-2 of this guideto help you evaluate your article.Choose several points that haveparticular relevance for your article, identify these points andthoroughly describe how the article does, or does not, follow therecommended media guidelines.Remember, this part of the paper is notabout whether you “like” or “dislike” the article. This evaluation isabout how well you can argue that the article does or does not followexpert guidelines.Paper that do not use points from pages 1-2 of thismedia guide in the evaluation process will loose quite a few points.

Step 3

Write a paper (no more than 2 pages in length) that includes thefollowing:A brief summary of your chosen articleAn evaluationregarding how accurately and thoughtfully the article presents thesubject matter according to the media guide. Additional informationabout your paper:The paper requires a cover sheet (title page) and a
reference page.The total number of pages for this assignment is no2-page required length (for the paper)The paper should follow APAstyle.The paper should be double-spacedParagraphs should be indented 5
spacesThe pages should be numbered.
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