Research Memo and Annotated Bibliography

Research Memo and Annotated Bibliography

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Part 1:
Extended Definition of the Problem/Research Memo. Now that you have written preliminary statements of your research problems in an earlier threaded discussion, it is time to define the problem in more detail. To do that, please write a memo of 1.5 page that meets the following criteria: •Address the memo to me and write in standard memo format •Define in detail the problem you want to address or attempt to solve, keeping in mind the 15-week time frame. As I noted before, I don’t want you to try to solve problems that you may clearly see as problems, but that you don’t have the time, expertise, or budget to address, such as balancing the national budget or curing cancer… •Also important here is the presentation of detail. It means that you should provide a history and background of the problem, including facts and figures and ideas of how people have looked at the problem up until the present. In all cases, this will require some reading of secondary sources such as monographs, significant articles (journals can be used in the library or, when available full-text, online).  The advantage of doing this kind of specific background work is that you will have if you have done the job well, the basics and substance of the statement of the problem for your proposal, which is a later assignment. **Please keep in mind the problem-solving questions we have discussed
(what is wrong, lacking, unknown, and who benefits?), and use those techniques of defining for an unspecialized reader (educated lay reader) where appropriate. **Specify the audience who will benefit from your address or solution to the problem, and if you can, the audience who would be in a position to support your research with funding. This latter, the funding source will come into play later, so don’t worry if you can’t go much further than the people who will benefit directly from your research.

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