research in education

research in education

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The paper must have a tentative research question, along with a summarizing the thought about why it is important and indicating answers to this question(1-2PAGES), 2. list of sources which is 10-15, 3. introduction and literature review(3-4PAGES), 4. list of relevant variable, 5. a refined research questions; description of the study universe and of the relevant variables(3-4PAGES),6 descriptive statistics, correlations, and exploratory data analysis. which are stata or ecls(3-4PAGES).AND A conclusion  Do after school enrichment programs for elementary school students (1-5 grades) help boost overall academic success. For example, what are the test results on standardized tests for elementary school students who participate in after school enrichment programs, for example, homework help at a public library, compared to elementary school students who do not avail themselves of such programs. Other secondary questions would include, the effect of enrichment programs on socialization. Also, are there any hidden variables that might decrease a child’s success due to an after school enrichment program? Should after school enrichment programs be designed in such a way to improve their chances of increasing the amount of learning outcomes students achieve?

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