Research Article Critique Presentation

Research Article Critique Presentation

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The research study that you selected in Week Two Develop a 10- to 15-minute presentation in which you address the following points: Strengths and weaknesses of the study Theoretical and methodological limitations Evidence of researcher bias Ethical and legal considerations related to the protection of human subjects Relationship between theory, practice, and research Nurse’s role in implementing and disseminating research How the study provides evidence for evidence-based practice Identify the following for the research study: Quantitative Research Article Critique (pp. 422–446 of the text):
Phase 1: Comprehension
Phase 2: Comparison
Phase 3: Analysis
Phase 4: Evaluation

Qualitative Research Article Critique (pp. 446–461 of the text):
Standard 1: Descriptive Vividness
Standard 2: Methodological Congruence
Standard 3: Analytical and Interpretative Preciseness
Standard 4: Philosophical or Theoretical Connectedness
Standard 5: Heuristic Relevance
Format the presentation as one of the following:
Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation including detailed speaker’s notes

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