reply to classmates comments on Mahathir Mohamad

reply to classmates comments on Mahathir Mohamad

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Below is my classmate Jennifer who posed the question about Mahathir Mohamad to the class for this week’s discussion. However Jennifer and Joseph disagrees with what you wrote for me. Please provide a brief reply to the below comments from classmates so I can reply back to them. The post that reads Lisa Waldron is what you wrote for me. Please reply to Jennifer, Joseph, Sarwat and Heather.
Hello everyone. This is Jennifer.
Mahathir Mohamad is mentioned in The Golden Apple text as part of this week’s reading.
He is a multi-faceted individual, who can be hailed as both a hero and a villain, and this is how I see him. I base this view on the readings in The Golden Apple text (pg. 71 – 73), and an article I found:
Under his leadership, Malaysia enjoyed extreme economic growth, powered on by his Vision 2020 plan. However, his genius was hampered by his extreme control. Negative articles about him led to entire newspapers being banned, political opponents were arrested, and drug smugglers were being put to death.
What is the class’ view on him? Do you see him as a hero, an authoritarian leader who demanded obedience, or a mixture of both?


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