Religious Studies

Religious Studies

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Format The paper (MLA format) must ne typed double-space in 12 point font Times New Roman. The length: three (3) full pages not including a cove page and bibliography. first paragraph should be a short history concept and the the body then last paragraph should be a personal opinon about the research5 book sources Topic (Research) Select one; Augustine, Karl Barth, William Blake, James Cone, Emile Durkheim, George W.F. Hegel, David Hume, Carl G. Jung, Stanley Knipper, Abraham Maslow, Rudolf Otto, Willaim Paley, Max Weber, Cornell West, Immanuel Kant, Thomas Aquinas, Soren Kierkegaard. Focus Give great specific concerns on: their beliefs, motives, and concerns as it has to do with religion. Show within your research the DEBATE between the individual’s concepts and give a REFLECTION about their SOCRATIC QUESTIONING about religion. Research Bibliography must inclue at least five (5) physical books and plus varies source (books, Internet, articles, etc.)

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