What was the relationship between gender and television in the period following World War II (1945-1965)?

What was the relationship between gender and television in the period following World War II (1945-1965)?

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Assignment: What was the relationship between gender and television in
the period following World War II (1945-1965)?
We have been reading about the relationship between gender and
television in the 1950s in our textbook and in Mary Beth Haralovich’s
essay “Sitcoms and Suburbs.” Drawing on these materials and online
viewing of television shows from the period, develop your own answer
to the assignment question. Your answer might agree with the readings
and material presented so far, or it might counter it. Either way, you
should demonstrate how the sources you used to answer the question
have led you to your answer to the question. In addition to sitcoms,
Hilmes also discusses programs such as Gunsmoke, Dragnet, I Led Three
Lives, etc. You are free to extend your discussion beyond sitcoms, and
must consider not only the relationship between women/femininity and
television, but also between men/masculinity and television.
You can find episodes of Father Knows Best and 60’s era Dragnet at
Hulu.com. You can find episodes of Gunsmoke and Leave it to Beaver at
TVland.com. You can find clips of lots of other programs, including I
Love Lucy and I Led Three Lives on youtube.com. You can also purchase
some episodes for a relatively low price at itunes and possible
Papers should include concrete references to Hilmes (Only Connect A
cultural history of broadcsting in the united states fourth edition by
Michele Hilmes and the Haralovich essay. In addition, papers MUST
include AT LEAST TWO examples from TWO DIFFERENT SHOWS to support your
claim (the key is the quality and usefulness of the examples rather
than the quantity).
Assignment Criteria: Historical analysis pieces, though short, should
develop a clear argument including a thesis, evidence, and conclusion.
Page Length: 3-4 pages (12 point font, 1 inch margins, double-spaced,
page numbers)
Primary Sources: Include links to the programming you cite
Grading Criteria: Papers should have an original title, a solid thesis
that is bolded or underlined, be well written, use APA format, include
a bibliography, be scrupulously proofread, and meet all other criteria
in order to receive a passing grade.
In addition papers will be graded on organization, clarity, depth of
analysis, ability of synthesize materials, the persuasiveness of the
interpretation, and creativity.
Do NOT include a title page or abstract but DO include a header with
your name, the name of the course, date, and title of the paper.
It should look like this:

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