Relapse Prevention Plan

Relapse Prevention Plan

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Develop a relapse prevention plan based upon the Jed Assessment Case Study provided. The plan must include the following: 1.Client name, Date of Birth (DOB). 2.What is the client’s agreement to stop using drugs/alcohol? Be specific. For example: Does the client commit to attending AA meetings? If so, how many? 3.If the client relapses, what are the clients plan to get help? 4.What could high risk situations trigger a relapse for the client? 5.What high-risk behaviors or irrational thoughts could lead to relapse? 6.What new activities could the client participate in to help replace old behaviors such as going out with his friends, for a drink, etc., after work? How many? How often?
7.Develop a sobriety card that contains telephone numbers of people the client (Jed) could call if he felt he were at risk of relapse.

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