Reflective report

Reflective report

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The assessment consists of an individual reflective report which is broadly speaking in essay format.
Briefly, your task is to summarize the key theoretical learning points from both the taught and self-directed learning sessions. A bibliography must be attached to the summary (for your information, the bibliography will not count as part of the word-count). The underlying context for assessment is both taught elements and self-directed research. The assignment is a concise secondary research based inquiry and throughout the process of investigation and writing up you are expected to: 1. Demonstrate a reasonable business awareness in terms of relationships between an HR Department and managerial colleagues. 2. Consider how your reflections may realistically add-value to the effective resourcing of an organization. 3. Locate your inquiry within the context of contemporary HR Literature. 4. Where appropriate make realistic recommendations for personal and/or managerial/leadership change. 5. Provide evidence of personal and/or group applicable managerial practice. You can critically examine the effectiveness some, but not all, the HRM (taught) related issues and possibly in relation to an organization with which you are familiar with. Your aim may include recommendations for improvements in personal and/or managerial effectiveness in relation to the three primary points

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