Reflective Journal Chap 4, 5, 16 and 17

Reflective Journal Chap 4, 5, 16 and 17

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Reflective Journal: Chapter 4,5,16 and 17 of the book Business and Society: Stakeholders, ethics, public policy. 14th ed. (2014) By Anne T. Lawrence and James WeberI. This essay should be divided in 6 parts:
Abstract, terms, cases, surveys, implications and conclusion :

I. Abstract or Introduction:What will you do on this paper?

II. Terms you learned in the 4 chapters: at the end of all the 4 chapters they have termsAll 4 chapters addressed including 3 terms (total of 12) from each with an analysis of textbook definitions, external definitions, and personal development from other students’ presentations and lecture discussions. Sentence 1: definition from book, or given by the student presenting term in his/her reaction paper. Sentence 2: an external definition – perhaps a dictionary. Sentence 3: apply it – where can you use the term (most likely in the short case described at the end of the chapter). III. Case Discussion: cases of the 4

III. Case Discussion: cases of the 4 chapters:Fully addresses all 4 short textbook cases discussed during lectures and develops an understanding and connection to the additional reading assignments/chapter components and develops writing using external sources, and specific firm/case examples to support ideas.Here you would provide a discussion on what each of the short cases from the textbook are telling you? What have been those implications to future managers based on these short cases? How do they help you develop good managerial skills and decision making? Sentence 1: this case was about ……Sentence 2: the issue was….Sentence 3: the decision made wasSentence 4: if asked …(look for one of the case questions and answer it)

IV. Surveys and your own experience: Lucidly reveals character strengths and values thru surveys, and provides a thorough analysis of where student will be in the next 5 to 10 years as a responsible and ethical manager. section will describe more or less my character as an individual in business and society. In this section I will share some insights about my values, beliefs, and character strengths. For this section, you need to include what the online surveys say about your character, values, and own ethical approaches. You can accomplish this via a ‘Vision Statement’. Next are some of the items you can include in one. Your Personal Vision
Statement:How you will integrate what you learn in this class into your life? You are asked to reflect on your own current and future career choices and possible linkages between those prospects and who you are at this very moment. This short essay (section) involves research into possible alternative futures for you. In other words, please develop a five and ten year goal of where you see yourself, and then describe the path that you might take to reach those goals. The intent of this short essay statement is for you to consider potential futures for yourself. Your future could include things like additional school, growth within your job, a description of what your ideal job would look like, where do you want to live, what kind of family life would you choose, and what responsibilities do you see yourself taking on.

Importantly, it should include a vision statement of the kind of person you hope to be and how you intend to lead your life, lead others, lead your organization and lead sustainably within society. Basically, this is a plan on where your life is going over the next 10 years – and based on your ethical development.V. Implications: Discussion of Learning, Implications, and LimitationsStudent makes comprehensive analysis of the topics at hand (including implications from additional reading materials, i.e Friedman, SAS case, Gentile’s article on values…), offers critical thought on implications and provides scenario planning if faced with similar situations.This really has to come from you.In section four, I provide some concluding thoughts as to how this initial component of the course has had an impact on my understanding of values, ethics, and sustainability.
(Think about your findings, new learnings, new impacts from this module, etc.). Based on these initial lectures and the materials presented to me so far, I find that leadership …… (this comes from you – how will you make a difference in business and society from this point forward…). Two sentences suffice.

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