Reflective Journal #4 – “Time to Take Inventory of Your Experience”

Reflective Journal #4 – “Time to Take Inventory of Your Experience”

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It’s time to think, reflect and take stock as things wind down. Think back to your objectives and expectations. Essentially, was the internship what you thought it would be? Think about your experiences and what you learned. You might look at how your job changed over the weeks, if you progressed as an employee and/or as part of the
organizational team, and if you developed in your intern role. Whether you are excited or saddened to be ending your internship, you have experienced valuable lessons. Your reflection summary must be a minimum of three (3) FULL pages typed, Times New Roman, 12-size font. The paper can NOT be a Q&A paper, but must be written in summary format.

How do you feel about this being your last week on the job? Would you like to continue working at this company? Explain.Have you completed all your assignments and projects? If not, how are you planning to address the situation?Did you achieve the learning objectives you created at the beginning of the semester? Explain.Is there any other business that you need to address before leaving?Can you step back and remember who really helped you learn your responsibilities? Explain. Did it follow the formal structure of the company, or was it an
informal structure?Have you progressed as an employee? Explain.Have you progressed as a member of the organization’s team? Explain.Have you experienced personal and/or professional growth over the 10 weeks?Have you considered what you will write in your letter of thanks to the organization? Can you provide an example, such as a lesson learned, knowledge you acquired, or an experience that added to your understanding of the industry and/or the company?(i work with Hemlock Tax as a data entry)

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