reflection scenario based essay

reflection scenario based essay

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The reflection needs to be scenario based, so you need to tell a story of an incident, a patient or group of patients, who needed to have one of the specific themes explored. Involving for example how minimising risk was achieved? What is minimising risk? Scenario. Discussion which brings in theoretical understanding of the concept and how this was applied to the scenario. Implications for practice : It would further be useful to examine ways that the practice of minimising risk can be achieved or improved, this is where your analytical discussion comes in. How this will help develop your future practice. A possible example (you may however, use your own structure):

Title : Safeguarding the Older Adult on an acute mental health ward.

Introduction : Define safeguarding? What is the Older Adult? Why is safeguarding the older adult on a mental health ward an issue?

Scenario: An example of what can go wrong or what went right as far as safeguarding the older adult is concerned.

Discussion: What does the regulations and policy say should happen? Did what actually happen move towards this safeguarding?

Implications for Practice: What further action was needed to ensure better health care outcomes?

What did you learn in the process of completing this work?

How will this affect your future practice?


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