Reflection Paper ‘free markets’

Reflection Paper ‘free markets’

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The reflection paper is a synthesis of the semester experience, with special attention to the service learning project but with clear references to the readings and topics of the course. In the reflection paper, students must, based on their journal entries, give each member of their immediate team a 0-100% grade on their performance throughout the group project specifically referencing the journal entries and justifying the grades given. Inequitable grades given to peers will be reflected in the grade a student is given. That is to say, giving a student who has not appropriately participated a “good” grade will result in a penalty to the grade of the person giving the grade. Likewise, a poor grade given to a well performing student will be handled in the same way.

1) in international comparison (OECD) The United States of America has:

1) the most expensive health care system in the world, being approximately 45% more expensive than any other system.

2) a subpar educational system, and

3) the highest( by far) incarceration rate in the world on a per capita basis

Research these statements extensively, making sure to assess specific criteria which prove, or disprove the assertion.

identify the specific business model used by the USA as opposed to other countries in these industries. Explain why there are such extent differences in performance across these national systems using specific measures and concrete arguments. what role does strategic political management play? agency capture? The revolving door> Privatization? Capitalism? Draw supported conclusions about the pros and cons of the differing systems and what the role of business is/should be. what are the longer term consequences to democracy under the current business practices described in your research on the industries above?

2) Define the concept of ‘free markets’. Put this concept into the context of the theory of pure competition. Research and document the levels of subsidization for people and for corporations. What is the true state of a competitive market in the long run, specifically under the premise of the maximization of shareholder wealth? What role does economic growth have in this context? What is the eventuality of eternal economic growth against a finite set of resources? Corporations are legal persons under the law and therefore legally our equals. However, with respect to our policy environment, legislation (regulatory environments) is created via the principle of the largest payer (lobbying). The U.S. aggressively purports free trade principles into the world, yet all countries belonging to the successful elite have become so according to protectionist policies (high regulations ad subsidies of industries and tariffs and quotas on imports). Write a paper which substantiates the assertions above with solid research and sources. Draw supported conclusions about the rate of material consumption, energy usage and environmental degradation and the probable outcomes of an unchanged system.

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