Reflection on Group Work

Reflection on Group Work

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This is a separate report. You will write one (1) critical incident report reflecting on a particular aspect of your experience as an interprofessional group member in this course. You will describe an incident and then identify a key related issue for analysis, such as:1. An aspect of the group communication process2. An aspect of the group decision-making process or outcome3. An aspect of the group conflict resolution process or outcome4. Another aspect of your group work

Your reflection can be about a positive or negative experience. You will reflect to identify a key issue involved in the incident described which you will then research. During your analysis of this issue you will demonstrate your theoretical knowledge, related experience and the ability to recognise your own assumptions and bias. Finally you will suggest a plan of action in the form of a series of steps or actions you will take to improve your next group work experience in relation to the issue identified. It is suggested that you structure your reflection in three defined sections:a. Description of your experience (middle length section)b. Analysis, research and
discussion of key issue related to experience, including recognition of assumption and bias (long section)c. Action plan for future team work (dot point, short section)

A suggested template is available in Moodle.You will submit an appendix with your reflection – details are in the course Moodle site and the contents can be referred to within your reflection.The maximum word limit is 500 +/- words. The appendix, references and in-text citations are not included in the word count.Please submit your reflection as a .doc or .docxInclude your assessment number, name and student number in your header of footer and number your pages.

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