Recommend employee training and development plans.

Recommend employee training and development plans.

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Topic: Strategic Management
Please review the Discussion Board grading rubric in the course Syllabus.
Respond to the two topics below.
Topic 1:
“I’m a pretty good judge of character, so I rarely call former employers. Besides, past employers have become really cautious about being candid with their comments.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement Why? (One page)
Topic 2:
Identify ways to make performance evaluations more effective. Do you believe one of your suggestions is of higher priority than the others? Explain. (One page)

Textbook in use
Title: Fundamentals of Human Resource Management, 11th Edition
Author: David A. DeCenzo, Stephen P. Robbins, Susan L. Verhulst
ISBN: 978-1-118-37968-4
Publisher: Wiley

Read the following chapters from your text:

• Chapter 7: “Foundations of Selection”
• Chapter 10: “Establishing the Performance Management System”

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