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Reading Summary

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You will read the Chapter 8 about Improving Customer Service and Satisfaction in the Kotler and Lee textbook.  Prepare a summary of a portion of this week’s readings. Reading summaries will have six parts:  Prepare a reference for the summarized section in APA format.
Statement describing the thesis or theme of the reading. Write 150 – 200 word summary of content in point form  Comment on how another reading applies to the topic of your summary. Provide a reference for the other reading. Apply the reading to your work (or future work) situation.  Summary must be a minimum of 250-300 words. Use academically acceptable references in APA format. You must post your reading summary before seeing other student summaries.  Follow this example when doing your reading summaries. The section name and page numbers change each week and correspond to the section of the reading that you summarize.

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