Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice System

Racial Discrimination in Criminal Justice System

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The purpose of this paper is to examine and analyze the issue that is being faced by the criminal justice system. In this regard, I am supposed to put myself in the position of a member of a criminal justice planning staff. Moreover, I have to take a position, in terms of identifying a problem in the criminal justice system. The main objective of this activity is to present this position to the criminal justice executive (courts, corrections, or law enforcement agencies). The preceding manuscript includes five sections, including problem statement, factors bearing on the problem, discussion, conclusions, and action recommendation.I. The Problem Racial Discrimination has become one of the most prevalent issues in criminal justice system. In the criminal justice system, racial discrimination can be understood as the phenomenon in which the proportion of an ethnic and racial group is greatest than the general population. It has been assessed that there are diversified reasons and factors that are related to the racial discrimination. These factors include an emphasis on law enforcement on particular communities, differing levels of criminal activities, discriminating legislative policies, etc.Unwarranted or illegitimate racial discrimination, specifically in the criminal justice system, usually results when the legislative bodies start to treat different races, differently.

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