Quantitative Newspaper Content Analysis

Quantitative Newspaper Content Analysis

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Each student will be designing, conducting and writing up the results of a research project. The objectives are both to apply some of the sociological knowledge learned during the course, and to gain an appreciation for what is involved in the practice of sociology through the pursuit of an actual research project. The particular type of research project students will pursue is a quantitative newspaper content analysis. This document lays out the parameters for this year long project due at the end of March. It goes over the what, how and why of content analysis as a methodology. The content of this document offers a framework and instructions for the work students need to produce. While reading this whole document once at the beginning of the year is a very good idea, it is not expected you will understand all of its content right away. The skills and knowledge necessary will also be developed through weekly tutorials taking place between September and March, and digitally on Portal through your own TA’s Corner. Five small assignments will also be completed that represent various key aspects of the research design process. This document should be used as a reference to be consulted often, as well as the additional insights and advice from your TA and from Jenna

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