Quantitative Checklist

Quantitative Checklist

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Please see the attached document titled “Quantitative Dissertation Checklist” that would need to be completed, please. My dissertation topic (pending approval) is “The Association between Physical Activity and Level of Depression among Youths in the United States.” I would be like for you to please be my focus writer for my dissertation. I am also requesting for you to write a dissertation for me as well as this writing order. Please complete this Quantitative Dissertation Checklist putting as much information as possible. I understand that I am only on the prospectus state but the checklist is supposed to show my outline or plan for the entire dissertation process. Some unnecessary questions should be left blank. If you write my dissertation first or review the documents, they would be helpful to you, Thank you.Preferred language style   US English

Hello! In response to your question regarding the 28 pages upload, the focus of this assignment is to help complete the uploaded “Quantitative Dissertation Checklist” form. I requested for the same writer that is doing my dissertation order work because the same writer would know what is contained in the dissertation to also complete the checklist. All the pages are not required to be completed. I believe it is the first 6-8 that may be required at this point and the rest would be about IRB, Defense of the dissertation and the implementation which are not necessary at this stage. So, please complete initials 3 chapters that covers and that should be alright for now and the same writer may in the future cover the rest. Please let me know if I have answered your question. Cover up to Chapter 3 please. Some questions are not necessary and should be skipped if you believe it is not necessary for the dissertation. Thank you

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