Quality Management Case

Quality Management Case

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Read the case study in the article below and prepare a paper that answers the following questions: Welikala A.,Dilrukshi S., Amrik, S. (Jun 2008). Total Quality Management and Employees involvement: A case study of an Australian organisation TotalQualityManagement & Business Excellence. 19(6), 627-642.1) Describe what types of initial changes were made by the XYZ management team that helped the company establish improved quality and increased success.2) Discuss why employees began to feel a lack of empowerment on the shop floor and further elaborate on how this feeling affected the quality process.3) Analyze what would have to be done for XYZ organization to continue to once again have a successful Total Quality Management implementation at all levels of the company. In the written analysis, keep the repetition of the case fact to a minimum. The questions above represent a starting point for your analysis. The best analysis is not to simply answer those questions, but to synthesize them in a coherent essay paper. In other words dig deeper into the underlying problem.

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