Qualitative Article Analysis

Qualitative Article Analysis

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1. Determine why qualitative research was use in this article 2. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of using qualitative research
3. Should qualitative research been used in lieu of qualitative research Article Schilling, J. (2009, Feb). From ineffectiveness to destruction: A qualitative study on the meaning of negative leadership. Leadership, 5, 102-128. Jan Schilling,(2009) Abstract This article aims at analyzing the content and structure of managers’ conceptions of negative leadership. Using semi-structured interviews, 42 managers
were asked about their conceptions of negative leadership, its antecedents and consequences. Results show that the concept of negative leadership is associated with eight behavioral categories: insincere, despotic, exploitative, restrictive, failed, laissez-faire, and active- and passive-avoiding leadership. Negative leadership was causally attributed to the environment of the leader, especially the followers,
the immediate working field, as well as organizational processes, structures, and resources were seen as potential sources for negative leadership.

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