Purpose and Need for Vocational Nursing in Houston TX

Purpose and Need for Vocational Nursing in Houston TX

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Provide evidence supporting the need for the proposed program in the Houston community to be served. This should be specific to the local
Community rather than a global need. • In narrative or table format, provide a rationale for establishing the new program. Include data from the survey(s) of health care institutions, agencies, and clinics in the community which employ nurses, and present an analysis of the data to show employment rates of nurses, vacancies, and projected needs for nurses for the first five (5) years Of the program. Include a
copy of the survey tool(s) in the appendix. • In table format, provide a list and description of other programs in the geographic area (25-mile radius) including information about:   the types of programs,  the enrollment in each program,  the number of qualified applicants they are unable to accommodate,  the number of graduates in each program, and  reported vacancies in each program.

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