Public relations

Public relations

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1; write 250 words, week 2; write 250 words and week 3 write 250 words. I have attached all three weeks worth of information, that you need to summarize/analyse.
In your analysis:
– Do NOT simply summarize, add your own in depth analysis in the report.
– Six references to scholarly resources, BEYOND the prescribed texts
-Use REAL LIFE CASE STUDIES for EACH week to support you analysis/learning

I do not have access to these to attach but they are available online:

You must include references in the week 1 analysis from : People, power and public relations (Demetrious 2001, pp. 109-120) from Asia Pacific Public Relations Journal, a case study on how an outer-suburban grassroots activist group effected significant change in state government and corporate policy.

You MUST include references in the week 2 analysis from: Chapter 9 The media in crisis situations (Regester & Larkin 2008) pp. 182-198 includes several case studies on how organisations responded during a crisis situation.

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