Psychometric measurement is often described as problematic. Why is this?

Psychometric measurement is often described as problematic. Why is this?

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Please read the Lecture handout carefully and the essay should include but not limited to the points below • No units of measurement. Michell argues that the mental attributes which underlie intelligence, personality etc. have not been demonstrated to be quantitative, meaning that the measurement process is flawed. Psychometric has assumed quantitative but not demonstrated that it exists. • Measurement errors are large (cf. physics)• High reliance on statistical methods, need for reliability and validity to be established for every test. • Use of latent constructs – interpretation of test scores, establishing whether two tests measure the same construct or two different constructs. • Interpreting situation where results differ between groups (test bias, Spearman’s law,  ‘differentiation’ phenomena in intelligence and personality).<br /> Attachments are the reference from lecturer, please use them in the essay, but it’s not limited to the reference

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