Psychology Week 6

Psychology Week 6

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What you need to do to meet your learning outcomes

 Text reading

Barkway, P. (Ed.). (2013). Psychology for Health Professionals (2nd ed.). Australia: Elsevier. Chapter 3

 Lecture  Weekly reading response

Write a response to one of the questions from your reading, using theoretical and research evidence.

1 Is development in adulthood related to chronological age or to life experiences? Or is it related to both? Take, as your examples, a 60-year-old with small children and a 40-year-old with teenagers. 2 How can understanding different kinship patterns influence healthcare practice? 3 Discuss the relevance of Kohlberg’s theory of moral reasoning to health care practice.

 On-campus students

1 Do your reading and write your reading response. 2 Attend an on-campus tutorial. Be prepared to contribute to the discussion on the weekly readings. Identify key issues and critique the reading. Bring any unanswered questions to the tutorial. 3 Be ready to discuss the theory and research relevant to the understanding of kinship and its influence on health outcomes.


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