Prospective Analysis and 2. Application (About MYER, Australia department store)

Prospective Analysis and 2. Application (About MYER, Australia department store)

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The company name: MYER (Australia department store)  1. Prospective Analysis (10 marks) Forecast future financial performance and use appropriate valuation models to produce an estimate of firm value. As you are valuing a publicly traded company for the common shareholders, you should focus on the value of a share of common stock in that company and compare your valuation to the market valuation, providing a possible  xplanation for any differences (sensitivity analysis). You should comment on the extent to which management is adding value, and
comparison with stock price is encouraged.
2. Application (10 marks) As a potential management consultant to your chosen firm, provide a discussion as to the possible opportunities for improvement, and potential challenges for your firm. Provide remedies for these concerns. You should be quite specific in any recommendations you make.

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