Proposal for Offering My Coach/Consultant Services

Proposal for Offering My Coach/Consultant Services

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I need to write a proposal offering my coach/consultant services to organizations who provide athletic programs for children aged 5-18. The organization I am sending this to is the YMCA in my area who is looking for ways to get the children of the surrounding community to join and participate in the programs they provide. As for my position in this, my goal is to help add value to the organization by providing high-quality training and mentorship in their sports program. I would also want to run speed and conditioning sessions and clinics for two hours minimum three hours maximum.
My background: I am aspiring Olympic athlete with 6 years of coaching experience, I have trained over 100+ student-athletes ages 5-18. I have trained many individual Junior Olympic regional medalists as well as 6 regional champions and 3 Junior Olympic National All-Americans. I am a 2x NCAA All-American as well as a conference champion. I take my knowledge and coaches athletes to maximize their potential on and off the track.

All of the background information about the program to a Flyer I created. My flat rate price for my services are $25/hour.

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