Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

Proposal & Annotated Bibliography

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a) a contemporary media technology/media form and a historical media technology/media form (for example, Twitter and the telegraph) or b) an older media technology/media form and one from an earlier period (for example, early cinema and the telegraph) Your comparative analysis must support your academic argument about the relationship between technological change and cultural change (for example, you might develop an argument about the implications of media technology-driven/facilitated content and cultural practices on
broader society, based on a comparative analysis of your two chosen media technologies/media forms). Include an examination and comparative analysis of a) media technology (for example, TV) and media form/content (for example, a TV program) of the two media technologies/media forms chosen, and b) cultural practices of people engaged with these two media technologies/media forms Required research: Seven (7) sources to include: a) course textbook, Media & Culture b) one additional assigned course reading of your choice c) five (5) academic sources from peer-reviewed journals and/or books You may also draw on reliable websites (not Wikipedia), but this must be in addition to the five (5) academic sources noted above. You must cite all sources you use in your project

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