Project Milestone I

Project Milestone I

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So the place to start is by picking the variables you want to use in your project. You need to choose one music use variable and one well-being variable (out of the ones listed in section 1.3 on Moodle). There is also the option of going for a more complicated design and including one of the demographic variables in your design, but that’s only if you want to. A lot of people have chosen to go with just having the two main variables, because there should be plenty to write about.

Once you have chosen the two that interest you, you can have a look at the literature and see what research has been done on the link between those two variables. Using that previous research, you need to develop a hypothesis on how those two variables are linked, such as whether there is a correlation between the two. Then you can base your hypothesis on that. Have you had a look at the variables and found any that interest you? If so, feel free to run it past me and any ideas you have, and whether you have found any relevant research on it. That’s really the best way to start, and I can help you go from there.

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