Project management , individual assignment ,

Project management , individual assignment ,

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based on the below requirements , the writers shall propose something , see the attached file as example , however, the components /elements like introduction , problem , why project select and the like of the attached file must be at least met , if the proposal is selected then another order to develop project management plan .The writer shall claim that the project will take place in Saudi Arabia any company like Aramco or any company in , Jubail industrial city like Sabic or other (Project Management Plan) As described on the unit outline, you will be working on a group assignment. This assignment counts 50% toward the total mark. However, there is individual component of the assignment, which contribute 40% of the assignment mark or 20% of the total mark.
In this group assignment, you are asked to develop project management plan. You will work in a group of four (4) students. Each group member should propose a project, which will then be selected as your group project. You should then develop a project management plan, which will consist of but not limited to: • Project scope statement • Scope baseline • Schedule baseline • Cost performance baseline • Quality management plan • Human resources plan • Communication management plan • Risk management plan • Procurement management plan • Stakeholder management plan

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