Project 3 Under Armour

Project 3 Under Armour

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This assignment is the last of three assignments.  Students will use the tools and concepts learned in the course and in previous business courses to develop an understanding of how organizations develop and manage strategies to establish, safeguard and sustain its position in a competitive market.

This assignment is a group project. Students will be placed into groups consisting of no more than five students each.  Groups will be assigned early, and the expectation is that the groups will work on the various parts of the assignment as relevant material is covered throughout the course.  The group will act as a self-directed team, and will therefore determine its own leadership, timetable, task list, guidelines for communication, goals, and so forth. As an individual, you are expected to participate fully in the project.

Students who actively participate in completing the assignment are assigned the same group grade.  However, free-riders who contribute little will receive a different grade than the group grade at the discretion of the instructor.  Students who fail to contribute to the project will earn a zero for the assignment.

Phase 1:  Assignment Instructions:

Throughout the course, students have learned about the strategic management plan and have practiced the various stages through the completion of assignments and learning activities.  In phase 1 of this final project, student will work in a group to create a strategic plan and present the plan in a professional manner.  The plan requires a paper submitted to the Assignment Folder.

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