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This progress report discusses the progress made by the researcher: (Date)Note: the author introduces this by 1) reminding what the project deals with and 2) what the progress report deals with (time period).

Phase I (Date………………………)The information in my assignment included background information on the removal of LWD from stream, the effects that LWD has on aquatic species, and the implications that this will have for watershed and restoration managers. Note: the author briefly explains work she completed during the period.

Phase II (Date……………………)During this period, I finished the first section of the report, which discusses the distribution of LWD within the watershed, and pool formation by LWD. The section on distribution notes how LWD is moved from a first order, narrow stream, where it is abundant, to a sixth order, wide stream, where only a few pieces can be found clumped along the banks. This section also provides a background for understanding where pools will be formed by LWD within a watershed. The section on pool formations discusses the five main types of debris dams: dam jams, flow parallel jams, underflow jams, deflector jams, and beaver dams. I have also described the types of pools formed by each of these dams and their significance in stream morphology. I also have begun working on the second section of this report, which will include habitat formation by LWD and its importance. The section of habitat formation discusses the importance of LWD for the endangered bull trout, macro invertebrates, and periphyton (algae and diatoms) species. This section also notes how LWD affects other riparian plant species and the colonization of conifers on nurse logs. Note: the author focuses on work completed this period by 1) explaining work completed during the period.

Phase III (Date………………………)Next, I need to finish the section on habitat formation by making corrections and proofing the section. A section on the effects of LWD on stream temperature will also need to be completed, but it will only be a few paragraphs due to the lack of information available. I will then write the conclusion and management implications for the final paper.Note: the author gives details about what’s next. Problems encountered • Explain any unexpected developments. (problems)• Explain what you plan to do to correct these problems.• How do you plan to correct these problems?Conclusion

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