Professional Development

Professional Development

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To begin this project, you will be required to interview someone currently in the professional field that you want to enter. While this assignment is not due until the end of the semester, I feel you should start thinking about scheduling an interview. For example, if you are studying accounting then I want you to interview someone who currently works for an accounting firm. Ideally, I do not want you to interview friend or family member. This interview will be a major component of your forthcoming, Professional Development Report. As such, the first set of questions that you will ask are designed to overcome confirmation bias regarding your thoughts on the field. Confirmation bias is a psychological tendency to seek out information that supports your existing beliefs. This type of thinking leads to poor decision- making. To avoid this, you will ask questions that are negatively framed in order to obtain a contrasting perspective.

1. What attracted you to your career?

2. What are the most challenging aspects of your career?

3. What is your workplace culture like? Is it formal, casual?

4. Describe your work/life balance.

5. Are there any reasons against entering your field?

6. If you could start over, would you select a different career? If so, why?

7. Describe any positive aspects of your career.

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