Professional development plan for Nursing

Professional development plan for Nursing

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It is important that you read these guidelines carefully A Professional Development Plan (PDP) is an essential component of your career growth and plan. With constant change and the evolution of the nursing profession, keeping your skills and knowledge current will give you an advantage in achieving your career goals. As with your other life goals, it is recommended that you develop a personalized action plan designed to help you achieve your goals. A plan with explicit goals will provide structure for your future learning. Life-long learning is the key to growth and empowerment. Completing the Goal Setting section will be a process that will take time for reflection, research, and planning. Each Keiser nursing student is required to design an individualized Professional Development Plan, which is the planning and implementation of personal goals and career plans.

Continuing education, both formal and informal, is a critical part of continuing to be competent to practice. Continuing education is frequently referred to as lifelong learning. Continuing competence is the demonstration of competence in current professional practice incorporating lifelong learning. During NUR 3805-Nursing Role and Scope you will begin development of your PDP by completing the first section (Goal Setting). During NUR4827- Leadership and Management in Nursing you will complete the second section of your plan (Action
Plan). During NUR4817- Nursing Roles and Practicum you will submit your final revised version of the entire plan. Therefore, it’s imperative you save your Plan and continue to revise and update the first section (Goal Setting) of your plan throughout the nursing program.

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