Professional Communication Grand Torino

Professional Communication Grand Torino

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Watch the movie “Grand Torino”.Post your observations of the communication methods (verbal, non-verbal, tone, facial expressions, hand gestures, etc.) and stereo typing found in the movie.“Gran Torino” discussion questionsWhat does respect mean to Walt? What does respect mean to you?How would you describe Walt’s racial beliefs at the start of the movie? Do these beliefs change? Throughout the film, he uses racial slurs. Does the meaning of the slurs change depending on the situation? Do you see where language/words can have different meanings depending on the situation? Is this right or wrong? Have you ever used racial slurs and not meant them as an insult?

At the beginning of the movie, Walt tells the priest to call him Mr. Kowalski, at the end of the movie Walt tells him to call him by his first name. What does this signify? Talk about similar relationships that you have that have changed over time.Midway through the movie Thao is required to work for Walt. How does this change their relationship? Have you had a similar experience where a relationship has changed due to a different type of interaction with someone?Walt and his friend the barber have an interesting relationship. Do you think the way they talk to each other is appropriate or inappropriate? Why or why not? Do you think it is okay to speak the way they do if both individuals are okay with the language? Why or why not?Why do you think Kowalski stayed in his neighborhood when all of his neighbors had moved to the suburbs?- Perhaps the hardest part to stomach of Gran Torino is the repeated use of racial slurs. Do you think Kowalski was a racist?- The miscommunication between Kowalski and his sons was epic. Based on what is presented in the movie, what would be some steps the son could have taken to re-open the lines of communication?What do you think happened in the neighborhood after the story ends?

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