The production of ICTs and ecological sustainability

The production of ICTs and ecological sustainability

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Conduct research using academic journal articles on a focused topic of your choosing and create four critical annotations. You must include: 1) A one-sentence (or one-phrase) description of your focused topic; 2) APA citations for four academic journal articles; and 3) four critical annotated bibliography entries of approximately 250 to 300 words EACH.

Your focused topic should be developed from any one of the general topic areas listed below. You must narrow your research parameters, starting from one of the given topic areas. Your own research topic should be narrower in scope and specificity than the given topic areas. You are not required to formulate a research question—only to write a single description of your chosen topic.

Critical annotations should clearly indicate the author(s), purpose, methodology, results, and conclusion of each article. In addition, the annotations should critically evaluate the quality of the research design, the significance of the findings/conclusion, and the usefulness of the article for your own research topic. You may not use any of the readings previously assigned in any part of the class.

For more information on how to write annotated bibliographies please see:

General topic areas

 Participatory media systems and developments in the legal and economic treatment of cultural and informational goods

 Online social networking platforms and effects on social relationships

 The relationship of user-generated content to the practice of journalism

 The production of ICTs and ecological sustainability

 New media and surveillance society

 The social and cultural impact of mobile technologies

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