Principles of Organisational Behaviour (work-related behaviour)

Principles of Organisational Behaviour (work-related behaviour)

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The essay topic is presented below. The overall word limit is 2000 words (with a 10% tolerance). A marking sheet for the essay is provided along with a check list. The essay topic is: (Employee attitudes and work-related behaviour is an ongoing challenge for the contemporary manager in a service organisation.)

Over the last few decades there has been significant research and management interest in the relationship between employees’ work-related attitudes such as job satisfaction and work commitment and job performance (Mathieu and Zajac, 1990; Saari and Judge, 2004). Research has also focused on the related issue of the relationship between job attitudes and other unintended work-related behaviour such as staff turnover and absenteeism (Darr and Johns, 2008). However, no
matter what the focus, there appears to be no doubt that employers need to ensure that the working environment, work practices, and human resource management practices are used to develop and sustain positive employee attitudes to their job, to their work colleagues, to their supervisor and to their organization. In this essay you are required to research the concepts of job satisfaction and organizational commitment and write an academic essay drawing upon relevant peer
reviewed journal articles and using a service organization of your choice (e.g. an organization in retail, hospitality, transport, a government department, a hospital, an educational institution) address the following five areas:

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