Principle Based Time management assignment

Principle Based Time management assignment

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Concerning the content of this assignment, understanding Principle Based Time Management and the “time management matrix” as well as the other rules for being an efficient time manager will enable you to fulfill this assignment for assessing how effective a time manager you are.Essentially, this assignment is a self-analysis of how well you manage your time around a central core of principles and goals that you establish for yourself. You will be judged on the professional appearance of your report, how well you follow instructions, and, of course, how well you organize and communicate your thoughts. Keep in mind that former students have told me that Time Management (which is really self-management) was one of the most important and useful topics and assignments they had during their four years. Why? Because they use it everyday in their career and life – as do I! Learning to manage your time well is one of the most important skills in becoming an effective person (not just an effective manager).

To clarify my expectations on this assignment, here is an outline you can follow:page 1 – Cover page and table of contentspage 2 –
Introduction – purpose of assignment, process to be followed followed, data 3 – Time management matrix and analysis of how you allocate your timepages 4-5 – Twenty rules for effective time management; extent to which you follow 6 – Findings and Conclusions : what you learned; what you plan to do about itpages 7 – 8 – Appendix containing time management exercise sheet and personal time management log (1 page each)

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