Pre-Written Orders

Pre-Written Orders

Tutors Cube provides access to thousands of pre-written orders. These pre-written orders have been prepared according to the instruction given by customers on the website. Therefore, you can gain access to these orders after paying the lowest price for them. These orders are already submitted to respective institutions or organizations. Therefore, these orders should be considered ONLY as reference material and must not be reproduced or resubmitted. Moreover, we do not hold any responsibility related to their quality and content. These orders have been completed by students, writers, and tutors, etc. and we have no responsibility whatsoever regarding the ownership of these orders. Our company is only responsible for holding the database and providing these orders upon request and payment from our customers.

Word of Caution and Disclaimer

Tutors Cube provide orders should only be used for reference purpose as they are already submitted and the ownership of these orders are with their writers. Anyone purchasing these papers must provide reference to the author and provide complete citation details after paraphrasing the information. By no means, customer should present these pre-written orders without complying to the conditions laid out here. Tutors Cube does not hold any responsibility for the quality, content, or distribution of these orders by their writers, tutors, and students. Therefore, the company excludes itself from any legal implications of the use of such material.

Alternate Option

Tutors Cube understand that these pre-written orders are not customized and they are submitted to our website by students, writers, tutors, and educators, etc. who are not members of our current website. If you want to order custom order, then you can hire a tutor through our website. The order completed through that option will be free of plagiarism along with other services that are offered by the company. The ownership of custom orders is with the company and its customers.