Pre-Sleep academic stress affecting Sleep Duration in College Students

Pre-Sleep academic stress affecting Sleep Duration in College Students

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This is just the intro of the paper which has to be 2 pages to a 10-12 page paper. My hypothesis has to be the last sentence in the intro which is “among college students, pre-sleep academic stress is negatively correlated with sleep duration. .” I must incorporate 6 articles and cite them in apa format. I know you will do a good job just please make sure to Elaborate on everything and make sure the information correlates and leads to the hypothesis because my professor likes to pick on everything. Make sure to include that this pre-sleep academic stress is also affecting college students sleep  quality. These are 2 helpful sources that you guys should use Vail-smith, K. (2009, September). Relationship between Sleep Quality and Health Risk Behaviors in Undergraduate College Students. Åkerstedt, T. (2011). Predicting sleep quality from stress and prior sleep – A study of day-to-day covariation across six weeks. For databases my username is epichar02 and password is rachell123. You guys can improvise with the other 4 sources just please make sure it relates with academic stress on sleep quality or impaired sleep anything of that nature.

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