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Power of attorney

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Assigning someone as a Power of Attorney over your finances is no light matter. It is a decision that you must weigh carefully and give ample consideration to. Therefore, we are asking that you educate yourself on the roles and responsibilities of a Power of Attorney and the implications thereof, but we are not asking that you assign one this week. First read FAQs on General Powers of Attorney to better understand:• Types of Powers of Attorney• Roles/Responsibilities• Implications/why you need one and the risks of having one Next, read Powers of Attorney to understand why you may want to consider hiring an Attorney to draft such a binding document for you.Then, fill out the free POA form but do not get it signed/notarized.Once signed, it is binding. Finally, answer the following reflection in 200-250 words (total):• After learning about Powers of Attorney and the implications thereof, what type of Power of Attorney do you believe is best for you? Why? • Do you believe it is something that you can do on your own or do you think you should hire a lawyer to help draft it for you? Why?To receive credit for this assignment, upload your completed form (without a signature) and your reflection.

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