Power of Foods to Age-Proof Your Body – Neal Barnard

Power of Foods to Age-Proof Your Body – Neal Barnard

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The goal of this project is to read a recent book on the environment and sustainability and/or other topics we cover in ES2 in groups of 2-4 and share what you have learned with the class.  You will select and read a relevant book and then give a presentation about your selected book.  This should be relaxed and low key – we (the class) want to learn from you.  This assignment is worth 20% of your final grade and will be broken down as follows   • 10% Book research portion of the project:  information and facts relating to your book  • 15% Concept map, readable with large font (please use in your presentation!)  • 10% A ~1-paragraph oral summary on “additional facts” and “relating” your information • 5% Submitting the concept map; following directions • 60% 5-minute (per person) power point oral presentation (speak loudly please!) Explore, discuss, and analyze one or more of the following issues in your presentation: 1. The relationship between resource depletion and the changing role of humans in society, i.e., rural versus urban or the correlation between lifestyle and impact on natural resources. 2. Human land-use ethics – worldwide or parts of the world, western versus non-western. 3. Sustainable worldviews (ethics), past and present, worldwide or in some parts of the world.  For example, past versus present; differences among cultural, ethnic, socioeconomic groups related to the sustainable use of natural resources; analyze reasons associated with different perspectives. 4. Possible solutions and sustainable approaches occurring worldwide.  For example, solutions to degrading earth’s natural systems; compare and contrast various sustainable approaches.   Your presentation should include:  A critical review of your selected book and how it addresses one of the issues above; What is the book’s impact on you personally? And why is that book important today?

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