Poverty, Micro finance and Development

Poverty, Micro finance and Development

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Choose any one of the following questions: 1. Conceptualize poverty and critically discuss the major issues involved in measuring poverty? 2. Critically explore the similarities and differences between the incidence of poverty in urban and rural localities in developing countries. 3. Critically examine the nature of association between socioeconomic
status and health and education. 4. Critically discuss the issue of women and poverty 5. Explore the strengthens and weaknesses of micro finance and micro entrepreneur schemes, including evenness of impact throughout the target communities 6. Do micro credit-micro entrepreneur schemes contribute towards the empowerment of women?
7. A topic negotiated in consultation with the subject coordinator Assessment Criteria: Your final essay will be marked on the following criteria: Exposition of the Topic The extent to which you give a fair and accurate account of the questions, issues, or problems, and lay out the issues relevant for discussion clearly. You should analyze the topic by breaking it into its constitutive parts, connect the relevant issues in a clear and logical way, which elucidates the meaning of the question. Exposition of views of others A good exposition provides a sympathetic and detailed account of what each person making a given claim really says what they see to be the issues, and why they see these as issues. This is especially important if you intend to go on to criticize their view heavily, since it is the foundation you build your critique on. Critical Discussion/Analysis On a 3500 word limit essay the critical discussion should comprise at least 65 percent of your essay. You must critically appraise the problem and respond with claims backed up by reasons, rather than unsupported assertions. These may be entirely your own, or based on some of those presented by other references. You need to provide a coherent and comprehensive argument supported by relevant evidence, which considers objections or alternative views and tries to respond to these. It is important to  acknowledge and deal with alternative views. It considers how well you develop your own constructive approach to the issues, and whether you articulates a convincing viewpoint or judgment of your own about the matter.   independence of thought.

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