Postmodern architecture

Postmodern architecture

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Postmodernism in architecture came to the forefront in the 1970s. In recent years, postmodernism has made some sort of comeback. Describe in 1500 words what postmodernism in architecture is, where it came from and where it led to, and evaluate postmodernism’s significance for today’s architecture. Use the following texts from the reading list as a point of departure.

Arthur Drexler, Introduction, Transformations in Modern Architecture, London (Secker & Warburg) 1980.
Charles Jencks, Part Three, Postmodern Architecture, The Language of Post-Modern Architecture, London (Academy) 1977.
Vincent Scully, How Things got the way they are now, in: The Presence of the Past: First International Exhibition of Architecture, Venice (La Biennale di Venezia) 1980.
Liane Lefaivre, Critical Regionalism, A Facet of Modern Architecture
Since 1945 in Liane Lefaivre, Alexander Tzonis, Critical Regionalism: Architecture and Identity in a Globalized World, Munich (Prestel) 2003.
Harold Kalman, Chapter 15 Modern Architecture and Beyond, A History of Canadian Architecture, Toronto/New York/Oxford (Oxford University Press) 1994.r Diane Ghirardo, Introduction, Architecture after Modernism, London (Thames & Hudson) 1996.

Please note: Read all the texts related to the assignment, and more if desired. All texts should be used as sources in the writing of the essay.

Please also note that the purpose of the assignment is not to summarize the texts, but to use them to write a piece about postmodernism: what it is, how it developed, it’s relation with modernism, who are key architects and what are key projects, events and publications etc.

The essay should contain some thoughts on postmodernism. Three possible interpretations, for example, could be whether it was a passing fashion, something that has a lasting relevance, or is merely just another phase within a broader modern movement. There is no fixed or prescribed way to approach the assignment. However, these are just suggestions. In the final submission, what is important is that convincing arguments are conveyed in a clear format in order to respond to the questions posed by the assignment.

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