Post operative pain management

Post operative pain management

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You are required to identify an area of improvement / enhancement to practice, demonstrate the need and value of this change and propose how this may be achieved by exploring and critically applying various models and strategies of change management.The summative assessment will measure your achievement of the modules theoretical learning outcome/s. The level 7 assessment grid informs you of the academic standards required for the theoretical part of the assessment. Please use the assessment grid as a means to promote self assessment. You can also support each other by reading each other’s work and offering comments in a supportive way, using the assessment grid as a guide. In order to achieve the module theoretical outcome/s, you are required to complete a written assignment. The details of this can be found in the Assessment Requirements section. The assignment will discuss an aspect of your practice that you wish to improve/enhance in the future. You need to consider your own practice as a registered professional: What aspects of that practice could be improved? What evidence is there that can support your view that there is room for improvement? This evidence should be referred to within the written work as part of the discussion to support the case for change. How could the change/ improvement in practice be implemented?As this project demands you consider a change in practice, in order to improve that practice the work demands that you explore and critically apply various models and strategies of change management. This will facilitate the discussion of what, why and how you would go about making the change in the future. The specific nature of this improvement will be negotiated with your assignment supervising tutor and may take into consideration the needs of your practice area if you are currently in practice. Indeed it is advised that you think about your recent experiences of clinical practice – what are the issues of concern that could be addressed? Better to choose an area to discuss that you have clinical experience in. This will enable a much better discussion as you can relate the literature to your actual practice experiences. For example – you may wish to improve an aspect of management practice or introduce a new clinical innovation.

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