Position Paper: Determinants of foreign direct investment in India

Position Paper: Determinants of foreign direct investment in India

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The paper should be formatted with the following subheadings. Please make sure that every section is fulfilled.
Summary: Prepare a concise summary of the topic and recent reference articles, including a citation from an from a peer reviewed journal (I will send you this particular article but the paper paper needs other resources).  Position of the issue: State the position of the author, of the article you selected that relate to your issue.  Analysis of the issue: Using critical thinking skills, analyze the articles, including a discussion of the areas in which you agree and  disagree. Discuss what you agree and disagree with keeping in mind that it should be applicable to international business. You may address specific issues or apply the principles involved in the issue.  relation to International business terms: discuss the relation between the article and applicable terms to international business terms.  Key contribution to international business: identify and discuss the contribution of the topic/issue and articles make to the field of international business. Implications for international managers and/or entrepreneurs discussed

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