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Portfolio Project

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This may be a sector in which you have an interest, one in which you work currently, or wish to work in in the future. Hospital with your
sector chosen, use articles and other resources available in the a Global Library, Web-based resources that are judiciously selected, and
other credible sources to conduct research on your chosen sector. Cite and discuss at least seven outside sources.Present the results of
your research and analysis of the sector in a CSU-Global APA style research paper that includes the following elements:Write an
introduction that summarizes your research question(s) and the point of your essay.  Describe of the sector’s historical development and current role in health care delivery. Identify and analyze major challenges that the sector faced prior to passage of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Identify and analyze challenges the sector is likely to face in the future, given passage of the health care reform law and associated regulations (which, in some cases, are still being written).

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