Political science cohesive essay

Political science cohesive essay

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Write a cohesive essay of a minimum of 1200 words (not including in-text citations and title page) in which you discuss/explain both of
the following:

• Of those political theorists whose ideas are examined in Module Three, which two or three theorists (of Plato, Aristotle, Jefferson, Tecumseh, Nietzche, Bergeron, Madison, Mill) have views of human nature, equality and the purpose of the state most opposed to those of Hobbes? Why (explain in detail)?

• Comparing the views of Hobbes to the views of the two or three theorists you’ve identified as having ideas most opposite from Hobbes, whose ideas (Hobbes or the other two/three theorists) serve as the best normative theory for the U.S. today in terms of views of human nature, equality, state power, ethics and the overall purpose of a state?In your essay, use/apply a minimum of 15 concepts/terms in Modules One throught Three listed below.

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